ITALY: Government is trying to destroy the vaping industry

ITALY: Government is trying to destroy the vaping industry

ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΟ ΤΣΙΓΑΡΟ Πέμπτη, 07 Δεκέμβριος 2017 11:15

The TPD regulations, apparently, weren’t enough and there have been two dark days for the vaping community in Italy:

Two days ago it was approved by the senate an amendment that aims to bring the commerce of nicotine in the power of the government ONLY, meaning they will shut down all the online shops and nicotine will be available for purchase in tobacco shops only, which are licensed by the State. (The reason being is, officially, to have more control over the commerce of nicotine, the practical reason is because they want to gather the revenue from the taxes they are losing from the people giving up with cigarettes)

Yesterday instead, a sentence from the constitutional court has stated that is legitimate to heavily tax all the eliquids, wether with nicotine or without, with parameters that were decided back 2 years ago (taxation that was suspended due to an appeal) but that are insane.

Basically, with this taxation, we will pay 0.37344 €/ml only for the liquid being e-liquid + the usual taxes.

It means that a bottle of 60ml liquid that we pay today around 25€(=29,4 $) -which is already a lot- will cost around 49€ (=57,7$)!!!!!!!

This is gonna break up all the industry in the country, around 30.000 people employed, and is gonna bring back a lot of vapers to the traditional cigarettes. Per comparison, a packet of 20 cigarettes costs around 5€ (= 5,8$)...

Please, I know it’s only an online petition (and I know it’s only written in Italian), but every little bit helps, so please help us saving the vaping industry in our country ! Here’s the link :

Help us

Thank you guys for your attention, I hope our situation gets more attention in the international community and I hope everything will get better for us vapers who successfully quit smoking !

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